Vonetta Berry


A Muse and the Amused— the series.

A muse and the Amused- AMATA


Fine art project



The Muse and the Amused project, AMATA, is a series that I am currently working on. I wanted to explore the relationships between people. How does one get “into” their partner’s passion? What are some ways that one might immerse themselves into the activities or hobbies of a loved one? So why no paint one partner directly INTO the passion or hobby of the other? The “muse” get camouflaged into the background of the the passion of the other partner. So far, the passions have been reading, sneaker collecting, and cooking. I really am enjoying this project. Other pairings include a sommelier, a gamer, and an auto enthusiast.

This project is the culmination of more than 5 years of rumination. I have shaped and reshaped the process, to become what it is so far. Special thanks to the Houston Arts Alliance, Let Creativity Happen Grant, in partnership with the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, for seeing my vision and trusting me to execute it, in a Live Stream format, as of November 2021, the stream has been posted on 6 different social media sites and has been seen by more that 2k people. And we are just getting started.

If you and your partner(s) are interested in participating in this project, family dynamic, or sexual orientation are irrelevant, please contact me vonettaberry@me.com subject: AMATA

The library part 2- AMATA September 2021

Sneakerhead - AMATA October 2021

Library part 1 - AMATA September 2021